Five key match-ups for Raiders vs Broncos
/ Raiders

By Levi Damien

We’re just one game into the season, but that season opener can either make a team feel on top of the world, or trying to claw their way up from the bottom. The Broncos are feeling the former and the Raiders the latter right now.

Even though the Raiders lost to one of the best teams in the NFL and the Broncos beat one of the worst, a win is a win. And after this week either the Broncos will be undefeated and the Raiders winless, or both will be back to .500. These key match-ups could very well decide which scenario we will be looking at come Sunday night.

The Millers will play a major role in this game. The Raiders want Derek Carr to be aggressive and go deep. They even brought back Martavis Bryant to stretch the field. But in order to do that, Carr will need time to let Bryant and company get down the field. The rookie Miller keeping the elite Miller from destroying Carr from his blindside on the rush will be the key to allowing that to happen. And not getting Carr killed back there would be good...

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