Final 2017 Pro Football Focus rankings for Falcons starters
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By Matt Urben

The Atlanta Falcons had a successful season by most standards, yet they still fell short of expectations with the amount of talent they have on both sides of the ball.

Pro Football Focus gave each NFL player an overall score for the 2017 season and ranked that player in relation to the other players at the same position.

For example, Julio Jones was the Falcons’ highest-rated player with a 91.4 overall PFF grade, ranking him as the No. 3 receiver in the league this year. It’s a good tool to see how each player stacked up to their peers and also for examining where things went wrong.

We’ve listed each of Atlanta’s starters and a few key subs with their Pro Football Focus grade, followed by their rank at their position below.

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PFF Grade: 88.6 (No. 2)

PFF Grade: 80.2 (No. 19)

PFF Grade: 76.5 (No. 28)

PFF Grade: 91.4 (No. 3)

PFF Grade: 80.1 (No. 21)

PFF Grade: 65.9 (No....

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