Film tribute: OKC Thunder defensive trio ‘The Suicide Squad’

By Gideon Lim

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In case it’s the end of an era, TI pays tribute to the OKC Thunder’s fearsome defensive trio of this past season: ‘The Suicide Squad’.

Prior to Game 4 of the NBA finals, rumors emerged about the King teaming up with Paul George. With the Cavaliers getting swept, OKC Thunder fans have even more reason to fear this scenario.

And it hurts because before Andre Roberson went down injured, the Thunder possessed one of the league’s most complete defensive trios.

Steven Adams, Paul George and Dre are unique defenders in their own rights. But, together, they were nearly impenetrable as the ‘Suicide Squad’ (as I’ve dubbed them), to any opposing offense.

So, in case the Squad loses its superpowers when PG13 leaves, Thunderous Intentions offers a game film tribute to their combined defensive greatness. This piece will first provide profiles on each of the three players, before explaining how they came together to complement each other.

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