Film room: Solid protection and placement for Andy Dalton vs the Bears
/ Bengals

By Matt Minich

The Bengals’ two biggest issues last season were at the offensive line and wide receiver positions.

This offseason they parlayed their top draft pick into two new starters on the offensive line and brought in a new coach for the unit. They had some talented young wide receivers already in place who are now getting a chance to flourish as offensive coordinator Bill Lazor fully implements his system.

In the Bengals’ first preseason game Andy Dalton was on the field for 9 passing plays. We’re going to breakdown each one from the protection up front to the quality of the play.

In the clip below, Dalton hits wide receiver A.J. Green on a drag across the formation from the slot. Dalton seems relatively comfortable in the pocket, but if the play had not developed so quickly he would have had problems as both left tackle Cordy Glenn and right guard Trey Hopkins struggle with their blocks.

Dalton throws a good ball, but it is a touch behind Green. If he put the ball in front of him it would make for a quicker transition up the field. Green however is able to turn the ball up field and gain 22 yards on the short...

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