Film Review: What the Ravens can learn from the Saints’ use of QB Taysom Hill
/ Ravens

By Logan Levy

Since trading back into the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft to select quarterback Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Ravens have made a couple of things clear — Joe Flacco is still the starting quarterback, but they also want to utilize Jackson during his rookie season.

Although offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg reiterated during Jackson’s introductory press conference that he was a quarterback, the Ravens have lined Jackson up in different spots to show defenses exotic looks. Not all of Jackson’s snaps have been positive, but he has helped give Baltimore’s offense something they rarely had — unpredictability.

Against the Broncos in Week 3, Baltimore used trickery with Lamar Jackson. He initially lined up in the slot and then motioned behind Flacco, which served as a decoy. The mere presence of Jackson on the field forced four defenders to take at least one step to his side of the field allowing the offensive line and tight ends to get leverage when blocking down the field for Alex Collins en route to the end zone.

The NFL has shown throughout its history that it is a copycat league. Teams will mimic, or even steal, concepts, plays, and ideas from other teams. Todd Haley, The Browns’ offensive coordinator, admitted that he stole the Eagles’ famous ‘Philly Special’ play....

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