Falcons PM Rundown Tuesday 5/25/2021
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Did Falcons WR Julio Jones have any idea he was on live TV?

By now, the shockwave that was sent across the league from Falcons receiver Julio Jones’ live television interview has settled a bit but some questions still need to be answered. - Read More

Falcons coach deflects questions on Jones' future

Arthur Smith wasn't interested in answering questions about Julio Jones' future with the Falcons, saying Tuesday he wasn't going to comment on any potential roster moves. - Read More

Atlanta Falcons: Grady Jarrett finally getting some respect

Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle, Grady Jarrett, is finally starting to receive the praise he has worked over the last six seasons to achieve. There is no ... - Read More

Atlanta Falcons: Terry Fontenot should be praised not blamed

Atlanta Falcons general manager Terry Fontenot deserves praise not belittling from the fans of the franchise. When Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank annou... - Read More

Matt Ryan and the Braves Freddie Freeman are the same people

Matt Ryan has been predicated on a lot of big moments as the Falcons quarterback - some of them are better than others. Ryan’s first pass with the Atlant... - Read More