Falcons AM Rundown Tuesday 3/30/2021
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Former Falcons HC Dan Quinn still going to bat for Takk McKinley

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s followed the team over the past five years to know that former Falcons head coach Dan Quinn is still enthusiastically going to bat for his fo… - Read More

Falcons agree to terms with veteran OL Josh Andrews

Free-agent offensive lineman Josh Andrews has agreed to terms with the Falcons on a one-year contract, per his agent, Brent Tessler. - Read More

Atlanta Falcons: Three prospects worth trading back into the first round to take

With 30 days left before the 2021 NFL draft, no one knows what the Atlanta Falcons will do. Sitting at fourth overall, the Atlanta Falcons are going to pre... - Read More

Atlanta Falcons: Calvin Ridley is worth $14.3 million a season

Atlanta Falcons have to secure Calvin Ridley for more than his fifth-year. To say Calvin Ridley is important to the long-term success of the Atlanta Falcon... - Read More

Atlanta Falcons: 17the game not that exciting for this fan base

The NFL has officially added a 17th game, which means the Atlanta Falcons will be on the road. Over the weekend, the NFL announced that is what officially ... - Read More

Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft: Terry Fontenot makes several trades

Who's coming to the new-look Atlanta Falcons? The Atlanta Falcons have been on the clock since October, this we're all aware of. Most scouts are projecting... - Read More