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Report: Patriots had 'internal discussions' about Julio Jones trade

While it’s still tough for fans to accept, there’s a very real possibility that wide receiver Julio Jones has played his last game as a member of the Falcons. - Read More

NBC Boston reporter makes outrageous claim about Julio Jones

Another day, another Julio Jones rumor, or should I say "rumor." However, one of the "rumors" that has circled around recently was made... - Read More

Trading Julio Jones is a massive gamble for the Atlanta Falcons

With the plethora of rumors that the Atlanta Falcons are trying to shop Julio Jones, comes many skeptics and non-believers, and rightfully so. Julio Jones ... - Read More

Most concerning Julio Jones rumor has now surfaced

Julio Jones has been at the center of trade discussions for what seems like most of the offseason. There have been rumors that you could simply shrug off a... - Read More