Falcons AM Rundown Monday 10/26/2020
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Raheem Morris wanted Todd Gurley 'to take the knee on the 1'

The Falcons did something you can’t do on Sunday. They gave the ball back to Lions quarterback Matt Stafford with a minute to play in regulation. - Read More

Falcons lose 23-22 thriller to the Lions on final play

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Gurley 'mad as hell' as TD leads to Falcons loss

Falcons running back Todd Gurley lamented his late touchdown that gave the Lions enough time to drive down the field and rally to beat Atlanta on Sunday. - Read More

Looking Ahead To Next Week Against The Carolina Panthers

The Atlanta Falcons have a quick turnaround after today's game as they face the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football. - Read More

Recap: Falcons Fall 23-22 to Lions on Last Second Touchdown

Coalition of Mavens - Find your maven - Read More

Todd Gurley shouldn’t get the blame for Atlanta Falcons loss

Atlanta Falcons running back Todd Gurley had a chance to take a knee to secure a win over the Lions. The Atlanta Falcons were hoping to build off the momen... - Read More

Atlanta Falcons: Hayden Hurst’s career day in brutal Lions loss

Atlanta Falcons tight end Hayden Hurst had a career day in Sunday’s loss to the Lions. Hayden Hurst had big shoes to fill for the Atlanta Falcons when he... - Read More

Atlanta Falcons: Raheem Morris lost his chance to prove he’s the guy

Atlanta Falcons interim head coach Raheem Morris clearly isn't the guy. You have to give Raheem Morris credit for the situation he was handed with the Atla... - Read More

The Atlanta Falcons are who we thought they were

The Atlanta Falcons are who we thought they were. In fact, the Atlanta Falcons might be the world’s best producer of fool’s gold. After dropping 40 poi... - Read More

Atlanta Falcons found a new way to be terrible

What a week a difference made for the Atlanta Falcons. However, this time it wasn’t what the Atlanta Falcons were hoping for. There was a lot of optimism... - Read More