Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Friday, Oct. 12
/ Falcons

By Carter Breazeale

Sunday’s shellacking at the hands of the Steelers was another low point in a season packed to the gills with them, but the coming match-up against the Buccaneers presents an opportunity to put one in the win column. Here’s Friday’s edition of Falcoholinks to get you ready for this weekend’s game.

While it’s been a rough season for the entire Falcons team, it’s been downright miserable for Devonta Freeman individually. Injured for the majority of 2018, Devonta is again battling an injury to one of his extremities — this time, a contusion to his foot.

While the Falcons don’t anticipate it being a long-term injury, it’s still unlikely that he sees the field this week. That opens up more opportunities for rookie running back Ito Smith, who has filled the change-of-pace role admirably with Devonta on the shelf.

The Falcons are handing out points to opposing teams like an Oprah Giveaway, and with the defense showing little sign of improvement it begs the question: Does Atlanta even have a chance to stop the Buccaneers on Sunday?

DQ is committed to sticking with his in-house personnel, and as Dave Choate notes, it will likely hinge on a rebound on offense and holding Tampa Bay under 30 points. Can that be done? Sure. Can that be done with this defense? Another question entirely....

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