ESPN analyst says Jameis Winston needs to learn how to take a hit
/ Buccaneers

By Bonnie Mott

We all know the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a very long list of things they need to work on to ensure they have a much better 2018 campaign. Among that list is doing a better job of protecting Jameis Winston and ensuring the face of the franchise doesn’t get injured or banged-up which would ultimately effect his game and the entire team as a whole.

Last week in Minneapolis, spoke exclusively with Kevin Seifert of ESPN, who emphasized how important it is for Winston to learn to take hits and for the Bucs to do a better job of protecting him and how if they van do that, then the team will be in much better shape this year.

“There is a skill in avoiding injuries,” Seifert told JoeBucsFan. “There is a guy playing [in the Super Bowl] named Tom Brady who not only has done a great job in building his body up but knows how to brace himself from hits and avoid a direct hit. There is absolutely a skill in that. And Jameis, I am sure the people around him are trying to teach him some of the skills [on] how not to take a direct hit to your shoulder, how to make sure your arm doesn’t get hit. It is not just your genetics, it is not just your body makeup not just your toughness but do you have skill to avoid some of the injuries that you can...

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