Eagles Injury Update: Carson Wentz aims for OTAs, Fletcher Cox will miss more time
/ Eagles

By Justin Grasso

The Philadelphia Eagles injury list is still quite long, despite it being the offseason at this point.

Will the Philadelphia Eagles ever fully get healthy? The question isn’t a crazy one – the Eagles have struggled to remain in one piece throughout the last two seasons now. Last year, they had a handful of guys who weren’t ready to go by camp because they had offseason surgery after a long year. This offseason, the Eagles had a little bit more time to rest up and heal, but that doesn’t change the fact that guys are still recovering from injuries.

With the Eagles returning to the Nova Care Complex on Monday for offseason workouts, a few players were made available to the media. On Monday, Carson Wentz, Jason Kelce, and Zach Ertz held a small press conference, while Fletcher Cox had his own on Tuesday. Out of those four guys, three of them have revealed where they are at with their injury history. So with what we know, let’s roll through the number of guys who are dealing with health concerns at the start of workouts this...

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