Eagles’ cornerback Jalen Mills issues an apology after fighting incident
/ Eagles

By Justin Grasso

After an incident that almost led to an arrest occurred over the weekend, Philadelphia Eagles’ cornerback Jalen Mills issues an apology.

This past weekend was quite an eventful one for Philadelphia Eagles’ cornerback, Jalen Mills. Washington D.C. got the news first, as they heard about Washington Wizards’ player Devin Robinson getting into a physical altercation on Friday night at a club. About a half hour, after the initial report made its way around the internet, another report surfaced about Robinson’s alleged opponent in the physical scuffle that went down.

As it turns out, Jalen Mills was the other guy in the fight. At first, initial reports stated that both, Jalen Mills and Devin Robinson were arrested for their involvement in the incident. But as it turns out, Mills ended up leaving the scene without an arrest, and he just had to pay a simple fine. There aren’t any details out on exactly why the incident took place, but rumors state that Robinson approached Mills about being in D.C., despite being an athlete from Philadelphia.

That then caused a rift between the two athletes, which eventually led to the fight. Although that scenario is just a rumor, that’s the only one that made its way around. Although Mills didn’t really suffer any crazy consequences, the Eagles’ corner still felt the need to issue a public apology to the Eagles and their fans via his personal...

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