Dwayne Haskins is all the Redskins' front office can talk about
/ Redskins

By Zachary Neel

If you ever want to know why the Washington Redskins chose rookie Dwayne Haskins in the first round of this years’ NFL Draft, you need to do nothing other than listen to members fo the front office wax poetic about their new quarterback.

Doug Williams, who is the VP of player personnel, recently gushed to the media about how impressed he has been with Haskins, and the positive outlook they have going forward.

“There’s room to have a lot of hope, and I know there’s words out there that he might end up starting — that could happen,” said Williams.

Of course, whenever Haskins’ name is mentioned anymore, it comes shrouded in speculation on whether he will start or not. Veteran QB Case Keenum is probably leading the race at the moment, but Haskins’ physical skills and anticipated future make him a prime candidate to start Week 1. If he does, in fact, end up waiting, everyone knows Keenum will likely be benched at the first sign of trouble, with beckoning calls from fans being thrown Haskins’ way.

“At the end of the day, it’s going to be on Jay [Gruden], myself and probably Bruce [Allen] and the owner, to see what he does during the preseason and see where we are as a team to make that decision,” said...

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