Drew Brees takes less to try and win one more with Saints
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By Mike TriplettESPN Staff Writer

METAIRIE, La. -- Fifty million dollars over two years might not sound like much of a discount. But considering that Drew Brees' latest extension with the New Orleans Saints includes just $27 million guaranteed, he might be as much of a bargain as anyone who signs in free agency this year.

For example, quarterbacks Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo and Matthew Stafford each reportedly got deals with at least $84 million in guarantees over the past year. Alex Smith reportedly got $71 million guaranteed.

And a source said that at least one other team was willing to give Brees $60 million guaranteed over two years to try and woo him away from New Orleans.

But the Saints have made it clear that they want to pay Brees just one year at a time now that he is 39 years old. And for the third consecutive year, the future Hall of Famer was willing to offer the Saints a bit of a “hometown discount” in terms of the length of his contract. In 2016, he signed just a one-year extension, and last year he let his deal play out without pushing for an early...

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