Drew Brees' past contract situations impact entire QB landscape
/ Saints

By K.D. Drummond

The Saints and Drew Brees both agree they are made for each other and they will pursue a contract agreement. The hope is a deal will be in place during the very early days of the new league year, which start March 14. Thanks to a balloon “thank you” payment two years ago, Brees has a bunch of dead money on the Saints books for the next three years, but it’s another portion of his past contract dealings that will have an effect on the quarterback landscape around the league for years to come.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio details how Brees’ victory in a grievance against the NFL will affect the Kirk Cousins contract negotiations, and other quarterbacks for possibly a long time.

Brees was able to successfully argue that the rule about franchise tags where the third tag means a 44 percent increase over the prior year’s salary was not limited to being tagged by the same team. This could impact the back end of whatever deal Cousins works out with whomever his new employer will be.

As Cousins and his next employer prepare to negotiate and sign a multi-year contract, the 44-percent rule becomes a factor in the team’s planning for the year after his contract expires. The Drew Brees grievance against the NFL and the Saints from 2012 established that franchise tags stack from one team to the next. Thus, if another team ever tries to apply the franchise tag to Cousins, he’ll be entitled to a 44-percent increase over his cap number from the final year of the...

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