Drew Brees gifts signed jersey to Zion Williamson, with personal message
/ Saints

By John Sigler

The New Orleans Pelicans sent a long-expected shockwave through the city last week when they drafted Zion Williamson with the first overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Williamson’s arrival comes on the heels of months of change within the organization and a blockbuster trade that sent Anthony Davis, the longtime face of the franchise, to the Los Angeles Lakers.

And a number of Saints players, many of them big fans of the city’s NBA team, helped ring in the new era of basketball in New Orleans. But some reacted more quietly than others: among them, Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Brees sent one of his jerseys, signed and framed, to Williamson as a welcome-to-New Orleans gift.

Looks like Zion was gifted a signed jersey from Drew Brees. pic.twitter.com/9UXJKIyZe4

— Andrew Lopez (@_Andrew_Lopez) June 22, 2019

Per Andrew Lopez of the Times-Picayune, Brees included a personal message when he signed the jersey, writing, “To Zion — Passing the torch to you! Who Dat!”

Besides being a great gesture, there’s some interesting reading-between-the-lines to be done there. It’s the latest admission from Brees that his tenure as the city’s biggest athlete is nearing its end. Him passing the torch to Williamson is something often suggested on social media, but seeing the Saints quarterback vocalize it himself hits...

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