Draymond Green talks Steph Curry, trash talk, and dynasties in gripping interview
/ Warriors

By Brady Klopfer

Get Draymond Green talking, and you never know what might come out of his mouth. All you know is that it’s going to be outstanding. The three-time All-Star for the Golden State Warriors always has an opinion worth sharing, and a story worth telling.

And, in a compelling new interview with Sam Alipour of ESPN The Magazine, Green did a lot of both.

In it, Green touches on a variety of subjects, and nearly everything he says is gold. But nothing is quite as good as this segment about his relationship with Steph Curry:

Let me think of one that protects his image. [Laughs] My favorite Steph story goes back to the beginning of all of this, right before our first title. We were in Memphis, down 2-1. Steph wasn’t playing well, and it felt like the world was collapsing on us. So he was in his room, doing nothing, and I called him: “Hey, let’s go get a drink.” “All right, cool.” So we go to Blues City Cafe, drink a bunch of drinks, eat a bunch of garbage and have a bunch of fun. And we won the next three. That moment was the beginning of our run, where it could have gone all the way left. We just needed to just get away from the...

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