Draymond Green: "Only old age will get us."
/ Warriors

By Sam AlipourESPN The Magazine

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On a Monday morning in Tokyo's chic Harajuku district, I meet three-time All-Star and three-time champion Draymond Green outside a bustling train station and begin a stroll down the busy, bizarre and impossibly pink Takeshita Street, a shopping haven for the anime-inspired. Never one to shy from contact, the Golden State Warriors' Mr. Do-It-All peppers the locals with questions about fashion, etiquette and their ubiquitous electronic toilets, which can best be described as a spa for your butt. "It's next-level," he says, "but I'm scared to use the spray-up function."

The residents of Tokyo seem happy to advise the 6-foot-7 tourist but are otherwise oblivious to him. Of the dozens of locals Draymond engages over the next three hours, only one seems to knows who he is. Even a self-identifying Dubs fan had no clue he'd come face to face with the heart, soul, muscle and mouthpiece of his favorite NBA team.

Fresh off a karaoke night that bled into the early morning, Draymond is on the hunt for souvenirs before his red-eye out of Tokyo. He finds what he's looking for on a street vendor's rack. "I'm totally wearing this to a game this season," he says as we divvy up red and green hats recognizable across planet Earth. "I gotta be Luigi. I'm taller." That means I'm Mario, presumably because I'm short and...

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