Dolphins PM Rundown Wednesday 1/12/2022
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Please Join Me In Wishing Kevin Nogle A Very Happy Birthday!

Please join me in wishing our fearless leader a very happy birthday! No one actually knows how old Kevin is. Maybe not even Kevin at this point but he is one year older today so it's time for us to... - Read More

Five Things I Think I Think About the Miami Dolphins - Week 18

fuddle (verb) -  to make confused : MUDDLE - Read More

What Brian Flores' firing could mean for Tua Taogvailoa's future

Is this a good thing for Tua Tagovailoa? - Read More

Chris Simms and Mike Florio say Dolphins job is not at the top of the list for coaches

Will there be any coaches jumping at the opportunity? - Read More

What happened in Miami? What's next for Minnesota and Denver? Our insiders tell you what they know about each team looking for a new coach. - Read More

Why Brian Daboll should be hired as the next HC of the Miami Dolphins

As you all have probably heard by now the Miami Dolphins have made the controversial decision to part ways with HC Brian Flores. Here is why I believe the ... - Read More

What a Miami Dolphins Doug Pederson coaching staff could look like

Doug Pederson is my primary target for the next coach of the Miami Dolphins.  Yes, the former backup quarterback to Dan Marino.   Pederson is available ... - Read More

Miami Dolphins may need to trade Xavien Howard this year

The Miami Dolphins went through a rocky situation last year with Xavien Howard and they could be headed into another nightmare in 2022. At some point in ti... - Read More

In obvious news, the Miami Dolphins need to hire an offensive coach

It's been two days since Brian Flores was fired. Unfortunately, or at least I find it unfortunate, that the dust is far from settled on his tenure with the... - Read More