Dolphins PM Rundown Monday 1/10/2022
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Dolphins fire Brian Flores to improve ‘communication and collaboration’

It started off as a perfect marriage of a head coach and a general manager who together designed the perfect rebuild plan for the Miami Dolphins. On Monday, it ended in the firing of the head coach... - Read More

Dolphins head coach search 2022: After Brian Flores fired who could be next for Miami?

In a surprise move Monday morning, the Miami Dolphins fired head coach Brian Flores, moving on to a search for a new head coach just three years after hiring Flores. The Dolphins are coming off... - Read More

Brian Flores statement following firing by Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins made a surprise move on Monday, firing head coach Brian Flores a day after the 2021 regular season ended. The Dolphins finished the season 9-8, their second-straight winning... - Read More

PHINSIDER RADIO: Wait — did the Miami Dolphins really let go of Brian Flores?

There is never a dull day in Miami. - Read More

Here is Brian Flores' statement regarding his firing

The former head coach sent a statement to ESPN. - Read More

Brian Flores being fired is wild but not 100% surprising

I didn't think Brian Flores would be getting fired today. I really didn't. I didn't think that at around 9:30 AM that I would be getting texts from friends... - Read More

Lost in Flores firing, Miami Dolphins 2022 opponents are set

The Miami Dolphins 2021 season is over and amidst the focus of an unexpected head coaching search, the 2022 opponents are now set in stone. Miami finished ... - Read More

Miami Dolphins: With Flores out will Deshaun Watson talk go with him?

Black Monday arrives unexpectedly for the Miami Dolphins and now with Brian Flores the former head coach, will Deshaun Watson talk end too? This is a good ... - Read More