Dolphins PM Rundown Friday 3/26/2021
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Holy Schnikes!!! The Miami Dolphins Again have Gone Trade Happy and Nobody is Safe

If you’re like me, you had a decent feeling, inclining, premonition that the Dolphins weren’t going to stay put at #3 in the draft. I don’t think anyone foresaw that the Dolphins were going to... - Read More

TRADES KEEP COMING:  Miami Dolphins move up to No. 6 overall in 2021 draft after trade with Eagles

Talk about a Friday news dump. - Read More

BREAKING: Dolphins trade No. 3 overall pick to San Francisco for 3 first-round picks

The Miami Dolphins make a massive move a month before the draft. - Read More

Dolphins Will Draft Some Receivers, But Where?

Most of you who’ve known me for any length of time know that I’m fairly adamant about three specific things when it comes to building a perennial playoff contending football team. Number one,... - Read More

Dolphins trading 3rd pick to 49ers

View the FanShot on SB Nation. - Read More

How do Dolphins' draft trades measure versus NFL trade value chart?

The Miami Dolphins have created quite the fuss this afternoon with their decision to parlay trades together and fall from No. 3 in the NFL Draft order all the way back to No. 12 — only to pivot and… - Read More

What do Dolphins trades tell us about their read on 2021 draft order?

The Miami Dolphins appear to be reading the room. Miami, in short succession, traded from No. 3 all the way back to No. 12 and then back up to the No. 6 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Along the way, M… - Read More

Dolphins trade No. 12 overall and 2022 1st-rounder for No. 6 overall

After trading down from No. 3 to 12, the Dolphins are moving back up to 6th overall. - Read More

Blockbuster! Dolphins agree to send No. 3 pick to San Francisco

Dolphins have parlayed that into yet another monster haul with a second package according to a new report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter. - Read More

Sources: Fins deal No. 3 to SF; get Eagles' No. 6

As part of two blockbuster NFL draft trades, the Dolphins have dealt the No. 3 pick to the 49ers in exchange for the No. 12 pick, which Miami then shipped to the Eagles for the No. 6 pick. - Read More

Miami Dolphins 7 Round mock following morning Trades

The Dolphins have moved from pick three to 12 to six in the 2021 NFL Draft in a matter of hours due to deals with the 49ers and Eagles. The Miami Dolphins ... - Read More

Miami Dolphins could still make another big draft day trade

If you think that the Miami Dolphins are done trading, you would be wrong and honestly, I would venture to guess that Miami will get another first-round pi... - Read More

Miami Dolphins trades change nothing in regards to their draft plans

The Miami Dolphins made two huge trades today and they did so without losing a single player off their draft board. It is a huge win for Chris Grier. Enter... - Read More

How a bong changed the course of the Miami Dolphins future

The Miami Dolphins are rebuilding their franchise and after two trades made today, they are certain to keep the influx of college talent coming. Miami has ... - Read More

Breaking: Miami Dolphins trade 12th overall to the Eagles move up to 6

The Miami Dolphins are not done making moves and now it is being reported that they already have made another, this time with the Eagles. After spending fr... - Read More

Miami Dolphins trade 3rd overall pick as Grier once again shows his talent

The Miami Dolphins have held the third overall pick in next month's draft since the season ended, now, it belongs to the 49'ers thanks to Chris Grier. Acco... - Read More

Dolphins make blockbuster trades with 49ers, Eagles to land No. 6 pick, future first-rounder

The Miami Dolphins completed two blockbuster trades on Friday that will see the franchise move down three spots in the 2021 NFL draft and secure a future first-round pick. - Read More