Dolphins Noon Rundown Thursday 4/1/2021
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McShay Mock Draft 2021: Dolphins make another trade, add to wide receivers and trenches in 2.0 mock

The Miami Dolphins are not yet done with making trades in the 2021 NFL Draft. At least, they are not according to ESPN’s Todd McShay. A week after the Dolphins shook up the first round of the Draft... - Read More

Rules are Meant to Be Broken: Najee Harris to the Dolphins at #18 Needs to Happen

I realize that the pro-days of Florida and LSU were yesterday, and we’re all losing our minds about how fast Kyle Pitts and Ja’Marr Chase ran. I understand why that is happening. That has more to... - Read More

Miami Dolphins three round mock draft stays mostly offensive

Craziness. This was my thought process after I heard about the trades that Chris Grier and Coach Flores implemented last week.  In a span of 30 minutes, t... - Read More

Miami Dolphins may not get a chance at Chase or Pitts

On Wednesday, both Ja'Marr Chase and Kyle Pitts held pro day workouts and the Miami Dolphins may now find them out of reach at six. A little more than a we... - Read More

Proposed NFL rule changes for 2021 that actually make sense

The NFL will soon be voting on league rule changes and if there is one thing we know about the NFL it is that simple isn't always better. For the NFL, simp... - Read More