Dolphins Noon Rundown Sunday 12/27/2020
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Miami Magic shirt now available

Last night was insane. I am still not sure what we saw in those final four minutes, but it was fun and we are once again celebrating a win in Miami. The Beard did his thing, and the magic was once... - Read More

Dolphins will need 2019 version of DeVante Parker in Week 17

Ahead of the Miami Dolphins’ critical Week 15 matchup against the New England Patriots, it seemed as though the Dolphins would be able to get some reinforcements from their injured skill grou… - Read More

Brian Flores puts exclamation point on COTY candidacy in Week 16 win

There are no shortage of deserving candidates for the NFL’s 2020 Coach of the Year award. The Cleveland Browns, under the watch of first-year coach Kevin Stefanski, are sitting at 10-4 enteri… - Read More

No controversy as Brian Flores confirms Dolphins' starting quarterback

The Miami Dolphins have proven time and time again that, under the team’s current regime and leadership, they genuinely do not care about the outside perception of their football team. And, a… - Read More

Ryan Fitzpatrick delivers miracle in Dolphins' win over Raiders

Do you believe in miracles? If you don’t — you may want to reconsider, because the Miami Dolphins just received one of epic proportions courtesy of an old friend. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick… - Read More

Miami Dolphins fans shouldn’t worry yet about Chan Gailey’s play calling

Chan Gailey is not a good offensive coordinator but Miami Dolphins fans shouldn't be worried yet. Miami Dolphins Chan Gailey, again, called an entirely dif... - Read More

Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa handles benching like a professional

Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa handles benching like a professional. On Saturday night, Miami Dolphins watched as an ineffective Tua Tagovailoa was once aga... - Read More

Updated Dolphins Playoff Picture After Win at Las Vegas

The Miami Dolphins could get some help in the Sunday games of Week 16, though the bottom line is they retain control of their playoff destiny - Read More