Dolphins AM Rundown Saturday 1/9/2021
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Friday Night Live Thread-Phinsider Victory Of The Week Vol. 433

Well, Friday is once again upon us meaning the end of the workweek, at least for most of us. So now it’s once again time for you to join us and regale us again with tales of your victory(s) from... - Read More

An Eventful Offseason Commences

Well, here we are once again. After taking over a team that was supposed to be one of the NFL’s worst ever just two years ago, Brian Flores’ career record now sits at a stunning 15-17. What’s... - Read More

2021 Mock Draft

Trade back and get more picks. The Colts need a QB and would likely lose in the Wildcard or Divisional round. We should be able to get a 1st, 2nd, and future picks from them for the #3 overall... - Read More

Howard, Sanders are first Dolphins' first-team All Pro duo in a decade

The Miami Dolphins’ 10-6 campaign may be over, but the accolades that will follow are starting to trickle in — and for the first time in a long time, Miami has several representatives on one … - Read More

The Watson Watch and the Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have the assets to make a competitive offer to Houston if it got to the point the Texans looked to trade Deshaun Watson - Read More