Do Raptors win if they trade DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard?
/ Raptors

By Brian Boake

Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard has been a trade candidate for months. Attention has turned to the Raptors, with DeMar DeRozan being the headliner to move south. Does this deal make sense?

The Toronto Raptors are considering the trade of DeMar DeRozan to San Antonio. The Spurs would send disgruntled star Kawhi Leonard north. At least that’s the buzz or noise banging around the rumour-happy NBA trade press.

I’m deeply apprehensive when writing about such “deals”, as they may exist entirely within the head of a commentator looking to liven up a slow news day. While that remains the most likely scenario, let’s play along and see where this goes.

A one-for-one trade isn’t possible. DeRozan makes too much compared to Leonard. That said, I suspect the Spurs could sign and trade a useful player or two to make the money work.

Leonard shouldn’t even be available on the trade market, to the Raptors or anyone else. To summarize a strange situation, he’s been struggling with an quadriceps injury which all but wiped out his 2017-18 season. The word from Leonard’s “camp” seems to be that the Spurs’ medical people pooh-poohed the seriousness of the injury, and he’s miffed enough as a result to want out of south-central Texas. My gut tells me there’s more to the story, but we aren’t likely to hear much clarification from the Sphinx-like...

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