‘Do everything’ Christian McCaffrey leads NFL’s top rushing attack into matchup with Redskins
/ Redskins

By redskins writer

David Johnson was the first test and the Washington Redskins defense aced it by keeping the Arizona Cardinals' all-pro running back in check with 67 total yards.

The Saints’ Alvin Kamara came next and the results were even better. The 2017 offensive rookie of the year was held to 39 total yards.

Now the Carolina Panthers will bring the versatile Christian McCaffrey to FedEx Field. The Redskins hope that their defense’s previous experiences will help in slowing down another explosive, multifaceted running back.

“Can do everything, catch the ball out of the backfield,” linebacker Mason Foster said. “But that’s been the story the last couple weeks. That’s the way backs are nowadays. Backs that catch the ball out of the backfield, run screens, run ghosts, fly sweeps. It’s another challenge, but the last couple weeks have prepared us to play backs like this.

“You’ve just got to play to your leverage. Play smart, know where your help’s at. Don’t give them too much space and swarm to the ball. They’re going to make people miss and break tackles. The biggest thing for us is just swarming to the ball, keep running, keep hustling. If the first guy misses, you’ve got somebody else right behind you to make the play. It’s always a challenge, but it’s something that we’re prepared...

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