Dirk Koetter comments on the fight at Monday’s practice
/ Buccaneers

By Alex Salvarezza

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be traveling to Nashville, Tennessee tomorrow as they prepare for their second preseason game. Before the game on Saturday, the Buccaneers and Titans will have two joint practices on Wednesday and Thursday.

Joint practices can be really beneficial to teams in many different ways. Not only does it get the guys more fired up and create competition, but it also allows you to see how you stack up against another team and not just yourself. It allows the players on both sides to also see some different looks on a daily basis, which will help in many of the young players development.

Dirk Koetter called Monday’s practice one of the best practices of training camp thus far. Although it was a high energy practice, a fight did break out at the end, but Koetter wasn’t overly concerned.

“Yeah, we had a fight. Big deal. I mean, it’s football. That was one of our best practices of the year right there. It just didn’t end on a positive note from the fight standpoint, but you’re dreaming if you think that stuff’s not going to happen in football,” Koetter said. “I don’t think twice about that. It’s over and what happened, happened. It’s going to happen again sometime. That’s just the way it...

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