Did they really have to make Darrell Green deliver the Lombardi Trophy to the Eagles?
/ Redskins

By By Peter Hailey

Not even the fastest Redskin in history could outrun the fallout of the Eagles' first-ever Super Bowl.

As awful as it was watching Philadelphia triumph over New England and take away one of the only remaining things Washington fans had over their division rivals — yep, it's time to delete all of those Eagles Super Bowl memes off of your phone's camera rolls. Those were fun while they lasted — it was even awful-er watching Darrell Green physically hand the trophy over to the NFL's new champ.

Bet you didn't expect the next time a Redskins player would hold the Lombardi on Super Bowl Sunday would end up LOOKING LIKE THIS:


Really, that's all you got, NFL? You couldn't have forced Joe Gibbs to pass it off to Darrell Green first? Or maybe push the Redskins to take one of the trophies out of their own trophy case in Ashburn and give that one off to the Eagles instead?

To get even, if the Redskins ever capture another title, they should demand that a literal eagle fly into the stadium and deliver the trophy to the Burgundy and Gold. This horrific deed must not be...

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