Denver Nuggets fans: Surviving the offseason desert
/ Nuggets

By Mike Olson

I have an long-time friend who once walked across a desert. No, his name is not Sandy. Yes, he’s probably a little crazy. When we talked about the experience after he returned, he gave me a few unsolicited pointers, in case I also decided to go walk across a giant sandbox. Strangely enough, the pointers have come in handy in a few other regards...

Always carry enough water to get you through the trip, but not a drop more than you can handle, as that will only slow you down.

Travel when the heat is at its lowest, during the nights, evenings, and mornings.

Don’t try to sleep in the shade. Everything else that wants to be there doesn’t want you there, and may bite and be poisonous.

Cover yourself from head to toe. You’ll lose more from what the sun does to your skin than the few degrees this raises the temperature. If those clothes are lightweight and light-colored, all the wiser.

Here’s how those oddly translated for getting through long dry stretches for me:

Make sure you’ve got enough of whatever gives you life to get to the far...

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