Denver Broncos mock draft: Trading for Nick Foles
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By Sayre Bedinger

What if the Denver Broncos miss out on Kirk Cousins in free agency? Could they trade for Eagles QB Nick Foles? We take a look…

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos watched as teams with unheralded quarterbacks climbed through the postseason and ultimately took down Tom Brady and the mighty New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

The moral of the story?

Football is still a team sport, and there’s finally evidence that someone not named Brady or Manning can lead a team to a championship.

With that being said, the Broncos (in my opinion) are not so far off of a championship again. I don’t think they are lacking for needs at this point in time, certainly, but I also don’t believe this team is so far removed from Super Bowl 50 that we can forget about them contending again anytime soon.

This Broncos roster has enough key pieces that, if the right roster is put in place around them, they can return to postseason prominence.

The one position that needs clarity is the quarterback position. The Broncos are expected to be in the mix for free agent Kirk Cousins, but what if Cousins opts for another team? Specifically, what if Cousins opts for the Minnesota...

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