DeMarcus Lawrence has been playing with torn labrum in shoulder for two years, David Irving updates
/ Cowboys

By RJ Ochoa

A week ago DeMarcus Lawrence had the outright lead in sacks across the NFL. While he’s no longer the leader of the pack, he’s still near the top and it’s something that changes throughout the year.

Tank entered the game in Houston last week coming off of a hat trick of sacks but was unable to get to Deshaun Watson for even a single one. We found out on Friday that he’s been battling an injury so that might give him a pass in your eyes, but just know that he’s been dealing with it for two years now. Also, know that it sounds painful.

Lawrence is playing on the franchise tag this season and is obviously going to want a long-term contract once it’s over. If he has a shoulder issue going on that has sustained damage for over two years, that would cause teams in free agency or the Cowboys to want to take a close look at the repair.

Of course, Cowboys fans are hoping he gets back to form and puts up the proper numbers in the right places. He’s the unquestioned leader of the defensive line, the “war daddy” Jerry Jones has sought for so long, if he feels like it isn’t an issue for now that’s his...

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