Dede Westbrook wears his 'Go Crazy' approach on his sleeve
/ Jaguars

By Michael DiRoccoESPN Staff Writer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dede Westbrook's recently launched clothing company has an unusual name: Go Crazy.

That’s what’s emblazoned across the T-shirts, hoodies and other apparel that an artist friend helped design. It might seem like an unusual slogan and one that might not make a lot of sense -- until you hear how it began: tears and a promise.

Raising four children in Cameron, Texas, was hard on Crystal Montgomery, and sometimes it felt overwhelming. Westbrook woke up late one night as a young child and heard his mother crying in the other room, so he rushed in to see what was wrong.

“From that day forward I made a promise to her that no matter what the situation was or what the cause, I would go crazy,” Westbrook said. “Not go crazy like a psychopath. Go crazy to reach your dream, to reach whatever it is.”

Nearly two decades later, Westbrook accomplished his dream: He was playing in the NFL after the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted him in the fourth round in 2017. It was a difficult road to get there -- suffering a ruptured small intestine during a game in high school, trying to be a good father to his two children, quitting and then returning to the game, stopping at Blinn Junior College before landing at Oklahoma -- and he said he wanted to spread the lesson of...

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