D’Angelo Russell buys in to Nets, praises coach, culture
/ Nets

By Anthony Puccio

Asked about his individual season, D’Angelo Russell answered by talking about the team. Asked about the ‘young core’ in Brooklyn, D’Angelo asked, “What young core? We’re a young team.”

There is no doubt that Russell matured on and off the court this season, despite some ups and downs throughout. Judging from the way he speaks, it sounds like he’s buying in. That needs to be the case in order for him to succeed in a team-oriented culture.

After he was traded to Brooklyn from L.A., there was a “chip on shoulder” attitude when he arrived, saying how he wanted teams to “hate playing against the Nets” in the off-season. He was ready to show the NBA why Brooklyn DLo would be different than Los Angeles DLo.

“I think we did that,” Russell said when asked if he thought teams hated playing the Nets this season. “With all the adversity we faced it was tough to maintain it, but I think as a whole we did a good job of making that our identity.”


As we know, things don’t rarely go as planned. The Nets were 5-7 and DLo had Brooklyn buzzing with his unique offensive skillset; plays that made fans left fans in...

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