Dallas Cowboys: Underrated Jaylon Smith is an elite NFL linebacker
/ Cowboys

By Nathan Jones

Jaylon Smith has improved each year in the league. Last year, he was one of the best linebackers in the league. The Dallas Cowboys linebacker is underrated.

Everyone who follows the Dallas Cowboys knows all about linebacker Jaylon Smith. From his gruesome injury at Notre Dame through his recovery is a story that will give you goosebumps.

But Smith is more than just a good story, he is a dominant linebacker. Early in his career, his injury really seemed to hold him back. He dealt with drop foot— a condition where the front end of the foot tends to hang and get caught on the ground.

In his first year playing, Smith recorded 61 tackles, 28 stops, two forced fumbles, and one sack per Pro Football Focus. One year later, in 2018, Smith bumped those numbers up to 86 tackles, 44 stops, two forced fumbles, and four sacks.

That is a tremendous jump for any player, even more for someone that only a few years earlier was told he might never play football again. Smith is also a great leader on the defense.

He plays with such power and authority and is not afraid to deliver a blow to the best running backs. In a lot of ways, his physical traits are hidden from teams because he was not healthy during the combine in 2016. His measurables like the forty-yard dash or any of the cone drills are not broadcasted for all the teams to...

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