Dallas Cowboys roster should go short at wide receiver
/ Cowboys

By Brad Austin

The Dallas Cowboys will enter training camp in the virtuous position to limit the number of receivers they carry on the final roster.

In the weeks before training camp, there is always annual speculation about how many wide receivers the Dallas Cowboys will carry on the final roster.

The range spans between five and seven receivers depending on how camp shakes out and what the offensive staff is seeking. After rolling the wide receiver by committee dice last season, it’s a good bet stability will be a top priority.

The opening week roster consisted of six wide receivers in each of the last two seasons. Conventional wisdom would indicate a good chance of a repeat. However this year’s youngsters present interesting options for the team to go short.

Amari Cooper (X), Michael Gallup (Z), and Randall Cobb (SL) are roster locks. Each player fits his assigned role to a tee and they should form an elite starting trio.

Even more impressive, each one has position flex if needed in a pinch. Cooper has the skills to line up outside or in the slot. Gallup can play either outside spot in a pinch. While Cobb is a natural in the slot, he also has outside receiver...

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