Dak Prescott negotiations influenced but not dictated by Wilson's new deal
/ Cowboys

By K.D. Drummond

The market is the market. The game is the game. The Dallas Cowboys have intentions of working out a new deal with their franchise quarterback Dak Prescott and in the NFL, the landscape of compensation at a position is very important in negotiations. Everyone just witnessed how waiting until after the Detroit Lions signed really-good pass rusher Trey Flowers placed a floor on the deal Dallas ended up giving DeMarcus Lawrence.

Similarly, Russell Wilson’s newly-inked, $140 million extension with the Seattle Seahawks will impact the talks with Prescott. No, Wilson’s deal isn’t setting a floor for Prescott, but it will still weigh heavily in the negotiations. The Cowboys waited, and now there is a new ceiling on QB costs and it will likely impact what takes place between them and Todd France, Prescott’s representative.

On Tuesday, Stephen Jones started the public part of negotiating with Prescott by claiming Wilson’s deal doesn’t skew the QB market because he and Aaron Rodgers are Super Bowl winners.

That’s spin.

Wilson’s reported four-year extension sets the bar for new money in a deal at $35 million. That surpasses the four-year extension signed by Green Bay’s Rodgers at $33.5 million average and the five-year extension of Atlanta’s Matt Ryan at $30...

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