Daily Norseman NFL Pick ‘Em is coming soon
/ Vikings

By Christopher Gates

Sometime in the next week or so, we’ll be opening the sign-ups for our annual Daily Norseman NFL Pick ‘Em and Survivor Football Leagues, so that fans of the Minnesota Vikings can pit their NFL knowledge against one another. As we’ve done every year, we’ll give everyone a heads-up as to when the doors will open, and at that time we’ll provide everyone with the group name/ID number and password so that folks can start signing up.

This year, however, we’d like a little bit of input on one of the parameters for one of those pools.

Every year we’ve done the Pick ‘Em pool, we’ve gone with just straight-up picks, without the point spreads being involved. This year, we’re wondering whether or not we should implement the spread into the picks. It would certainly add a different element to things, and while I have no doubt that we would rapidly reach the 100 participants that Yahoo! Sports limits the pool to every year, the point spread might make people more or less willing to toss their hat in the ring as part of the...

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