Cowboys using offseason to define a 'Dak friendly' offense
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By Todd ArcherESPN Staff Writer

FRISCO, Texas -- Every so often, team owner Jerry Jones comes up with a phrase that seems to stick with the Dallas Cowboys through a season or two.

A few years ago, the Cowboys’ design was to make their offseason “Romo friendly,” doing everything they could to maximize Tony Romo’s time as their starting quarterback.

Earlier this offseason, Jones came up with “Dak friendly,” which is another way to maximize what Dak Prescott does best as their starting quarterback.

But what does “Dak friendly” even mean?

Stephen Jones, the team's executive vice president, borrowed from a famous Supreme Court ruling when coming up with an answer last week at the NFL combine in Indianapolis.

“I don’t know what it entails in terms of what I want to say right now, but certainly I think when you see it, you’ll know it and we’ll go from there,” he said.

Coach Jason Garrett was asked the same thing at the combine.

“You are trying to have a system that is comprehensive enough and flexible enough that you can fit players in it and play to their strengths,” Garrett said. “No position does that apply to more than the quarterback position. We have always felt that way whether a quarterback is comfortable throwing certain routes or doing certain things in his drop. If he is better outside the pocket or inside the pocket, you always want to play to his strengths and in some way minimize things he doesn't do quite as...

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