Cowboys PM Rundown Thu 6/18/2020
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Aldon Smith says he feels fresh and that he’s carrying his new weight very well

One of the Cowboys newest players could play a major role this year.  - Read More

Not everyone agrees that the NFL season can happen the way the league is currently planning

One of the nation’s top coronavirus experts is skeptical of the league’s current plans.  - Read More

Cowboys, NFL may need their version of NBA's bubble wrap for 2020 season

There’s no guarantee the NFL will have a season in 2020. Despite the league office’s current behavior and their insistence the show will go on, there’s growing concern it may not …  - Read More

McCoy urges Cowboys to join Juneteenth walk

Cowboys DT Gerald McCoy is urging current and former teammates to walk 2.5 miles on Friday in support of Opal Lee's quest to make Juneteenth a national holiday.  - Read More