Cowboys PM Rundown Saturday 12/5/2020
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Can Cowboys avoid overreacting to 2020 season and keep a cool head heading into 2021?

Fire the coaches! Cut the players! Churn the roster! Send a message! - If you were to run an NFL team based on knee-jerk commentary about your team, you wouldn’t last long. - Read More

Cowboys @ Ravens: Lassoing Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson

The Cowboys are going to have one heck of a test to pass should the Ravens get Lamar Jackson back ahead of their Tuesday matchup. - Read More

A Study on Draft History and Efficiency

I ran across an article posted on Football Outsiders titled "NFL Drafting Efficiency, 2010-2019" [link] that reviewed team drafting records and performance over the period indicated.  The author,... - Read More

Dez on facing Cowboys: 'Water under the bridge'

Ravens receiver Dez Bryant says his release from the Cowboys in 2018 is "water under the bridge," and he's excited to be facing his former team Tuesday. "It's going to be fun," he said. - Read More