Cowboys' looking for first 3-0 home start in AT&T Stadium history
/ Cowboys

By K.D. Drummond

It wasn’t long ago it felt like Dallas had trouble creating much of a home-field advantage. Now, their season likely depends on having one.

Since arriving at the luxurious but cavernous AT&T Stadium, which to many visitors feel more like a shrine of excess than an arena for gladiators, the Cowboys haven’t seemed to enjoy a similar advantage as other teams do.

Yet even in a season where most factions of fans are calling for the removal of the quarterback, offensive coordinator, head coach or general manager, some combination or all of the above, Dallas has the opportunity to move to 3-0 at home for the first time in Jerry World history.

Of course, the monumental task ahead of them is to take down a Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2) team that  is better in virtually every advanced measure of team quality in existence.

Dallas has not played well at home in the majority of the previous seasons since moving to Arlington from Irving, TX. However when they do, it’s normally the sign of an outstanding campaign. Dallas hasn’t had many of those since moving, but the few times they’ve been really good at home, they’ve been really good for the...

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