Cowboys AM Rundown Sun 7/26/2020
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The Dallas Cowboys might be in a tight salary cap situation come 2020

With the new cap deals, Cowboys management might have to get creative.  - Read More

Cowboys news: The Cowboys "lose out" on Jamal Adams as the Jets trade him to the Seahawks

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The Cowboys have signed their entire 2020 draft class to rookie contracts

The rookies are in the house for the Cowboys.  - Read More

Cowboys News: Rookie class signed, Jamal Adams saga ends

There’s been plenty of excitement and anticipation for the Dallas Cowboys 2020 draft class, and now they’re all signed to their rookie contracts. For almost a year, the speculation of A…  - Read More

Jets safety Jamal Adams, and the nagging potential that the Cowboys could acquire him, have been traded to Seattle

NEW YORK (AP) — Jamal Adams’ wish was finally granted: He’s leaving New York in a stunning trade. The Jets dealt the disgruntled star safety to the Seattle... - Read More

Cowboys push back reporting date for Dak Prescott, so he went fishing

Players recovering from injury reported to The Star on Thursday to undergo nasal swabs to test for coronavirus and begin the process that will clear them... - Read More

Details of the 2020 NFL season are becoming clear, including the salary cap monster that could torment the Cowboys next year

A floor has been set for the NFL salary cap next year. Given the potential implications on quarterback Dak Prescott and the team’s finances, the Cowboys... - Read More