Cowboys 2018 training camp: Randy Gregory made his debut in today’s practice
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By Michael Sisemore

The Dallas Cowboys were back on the practice field to start their final week of practices in sunny California before heading back home to take on the Bengals. Technically, this is the 12th practice with practice #11 simply being a walkthrough.

First things first, the Cowboys will likely need to make some roster decisions soon:

Also, don’t expect to see Noah Brown work his way into the receiver battle until the team returns to Texas:

Cole Beasley is still nursing a sore groin, so he will remain sidelined too:

Not sure what is up with Kavon Frazier but we’ll keep an eye out for any news:

Some developments in the Randy Gregory “will he or won’t he practice saga”, it looks as though we’re one step closer:

It looks like Sean Lee finally talked the coaches into letting him get involved in practice:

It’s always a wise move to shower your offensive line with gifts as Dak Prescott has with these scooters:

Ezekiel Elliott didn’t seen any playing time in preseason game number one but does he really need it?

Will McClay decided to take a more “hands-on” approach and get himself a closer look at the defensive...

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