Could XFL venture into Chargers’ old stomping grounds?
/ Chargers

By Travis Wakeman

If you missed the inaugural experiment known as the XFL, don’t feel bad. It was nearly two decades ago and lasted just one season. But what many deemed a complete failure is something that will be getting a second chance at success.

Recently, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon announced that he will be reviving the league starting in 2020. That announcement brings forth a slew of questions, but one of the first has to be the cities in which the teams will play in.

Originally, the league had teams in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Memphis, Birmingham, Las Vegas, Orlando and Los Angeles. However, the Los Angeles Chargers shouldn’t have to worry about sharing their city with yet another professional sports team.

In 2001, the XFL did have a team in the City of Angels. The Las Angeles Xtreme played their home games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and actually won the first and only XFL championship. Jokes aside, that season resurrected the career of former first-round NFL draft pick Tommy Maddox, allowing him to be signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers where he enjoyed another five seasons of...

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