Could Amari Cooper's 2,000-yard goal co-exist with Ezekiel Elliott?
/ Cowboys

By Todd Brock

Cowboys wideout Amari Cooper perked up a few ears this week when he told Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio that his goal for the upcoming season was 2,000 receiving yards. Florio — along with every talking head in sports — immediately jumped up and down to loudly remind Cooper that no receiver in the history of the league has ever eclipsed the 2K mark in a single season.

Is it possible? Technically, yes. Is it likely? Obviously not. Is it as off-the-wall crazy as some are making it out to be? Actually… no.

The major factor that would prohibit Cooper from even sniffing such a milestone? According to most, it’s Cooper’s own teammate. NFL Network’s Willie McGinest called it “Wishful thinking.” As he told his NFL Total Access viewers, “If you look at what Dallas does on offense, I don’t really see that happening because they have a guy in the backfield, by the name of Ezekiel Elliott, who they like to hand the ball off to.”

The naysayers’ entire premise hinges on the notion there is a finite amount of yardage to go around: force the ball through the air to Cooper, and Zeke simply can’t get fed. But would a record-torching campaign by Cooper really eat into Elliott’s...

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