Comp formula dictates Cowboys release Deonte Thompson or Cam Fleming soon
/ Cowboys

By K.D. Drummond

In previous years, the Cowboys have been aces when it came to managing their compensatory picks. In 2018, Dallas had four of the additional 32 picks the NFL gives out as compensation for losing qualified free agents the previous season. It’s an eighth round, really, just distributed amongst teams which basically lost more free agents than they brought in.  In 2016 Dallas also had the maximum of four picks awarded.

In the middle though, in 2017, they got zero that year. They didn’t lose more free agents than they brought in. And unless something changes over the next nine weeks, they may not have any in the upcoming 2019 draft either.

That’s because, with the Cowboys keeping certain players signed in the offseason on their 53-man roster, and the result of players lost not making their new teams, Dallas has lost out on the expected fourth-round compensatory pick they could’ve expected for linebacker Anthony Hitchens signing with the Kansas City Chiefs for big money.

Hitchens started off with a bang, recording 15 tackles  in his debut. But his performance isn’t the problem. It’s the fact that Dallas still has Deonte Thompson on their...

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