Colts Preview: What to Watch During First Preseason Game
/ Colts

By Ryan Stano

The Colts play their first preseason game tonight against the Seahawks. Here is what to watch for during the game.

Andrew Luck is playing his first game in 586 days tonight. He is going to be starting the game, and he could potentially play the whole first quarter. He should be the number one thing that Colts fans watch for, but there are so many other things to watch.

The defense is another good thing to watch for. We don’t know exactly how good the defense is yet. The run defense should be improved under the new system, but it’s not known if it is yet. The pass rush needs to be improved as well, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

How well the offensive line protects the quarterback is also something to watch. Seattle has a good defense still, so the offensive line will be tested. The defensive line for Seattle is still stout, so opening up running holes will also be a challenge.

The new offensive system will be on full display as well. Brand new plays will be out there for the first time. Now the Colts won’t show too much of their offense in the preseason, but it still is something to watch. How well they execute will also be of...

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