Clippers Take on Hawks in Last Game in Vegas Summer League
/ Clippers

By Robert Flom

The Clippers were eliminated from the Vegas Summer League tournament yesterday in an ugly 82-69 loss to the Lakers. Rookies Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jerome Robinson sat yesterday, as did standout Vince Hunter, so it wouldn’t be shocking if they sat out this consolation game as well.

Sindarius Thornwell and Jawun Evans have had very inconsistent Summer Leagues, which is not what you want to see from second year players who received fairly significant minutes their rookie seasons. The Clippers could want to play them to hopefully see some improvement, or could just sit them to save any chance of injury.

The Hawks have already announced they are sitting all their roster players, making this a presumably boring affair from their side. The players of interest for the Clippers are probably going to be David Michineau, Desi Rodriguez (who has played the best of the non-roster wings), Vince Hunter (if he plays), Reggie Upshaw Jr. (been solid), and Thomas Wimbush (showed some NBA-level athleticism). While all those guys have provided some decent moments, none of them are going to make the Clippers’ roster next season, and it’s unlikely any of them are on an NBA roster at all, so this should not be the most eventful of...

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