Cleveland Browns News: The importance of having an early draft selection
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By Dan Justik

The Daily Dawg Tags brings you all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know, including the importance of selecting earlier in the draft.

The Cleveland Browns are currently slated to not have a first round selection in the 2019 NFL Draft after trading the 17th overall pick to the New York Giants as part of the Odell Beckham Jr. trade package.

Unless general manager John Dorsey decided to trade back into the first round, it would be the first time the Browns did not select in the first round since 2008. But there are already plenty of rumors that Dorsey plans on trading up and getting back into the first round.

With the 49th overall selection, Dorsey and the Browns are still well positioned to select a player who can make an immediate impact.

However, today’s featured article explains why having an earlier selection in the draft is important based on the rounds in which the AP All-Pro’s over the last 20 years have been selected in.

NFL Draft 2019: See just how important drafting high has been historically – Rich Exner,

Forty-nine percent of the All-Pros drafted over the last 20 years (170 out of 346) have been taken in the first round;
Just 64 eventual All-Pros were selected in the second round, accounting for 18.5...

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